Organization, Control and Instant Access to Documents - Information Security, Information Workflows and Version Management. All this and more with DocuClass


DocuClass eLoan is a cloud / on-premise solution that automates the credit approval process, improving control of credit operations and allowing compliance with business rules as well as corresponding norms and regulations.


DocuClass Payables is designed to streamline Accounts Payable processes that are traditionally manual and time-consuming, such as capture, registration, control, validation and approval of invoices.


DocuClass Human Resources makes the HR Department flexible and productive with the ability to provide real-time information.


DocuClass eLogistics provides a global overview of the status of all delivery orders and optimizes the billing and customer service processes.

What is DocuClass?

Manage the entire life cycle of your information with DocuClass.
DocuClass is a modular and scalable enterprise content management
(ECM)solution that allows organizations to streamline internal operations
by significantly improving the way they manage their information within
a business process.

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Cima Software offers Enterprise Content and Document Management Solutions for a variety of verticals and business processes. Our products are designed to target industry and business function specific needs, but can become inclusive to grow with your business over time.

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DocuClass Success Stories

Mederi Hospitals
Mederi HospitalsMederi Hospitals
"The DocuClass system has met all our expectations. It has enabled our organization to obtain significant reductions in processing time, printing and paper use, streamlined processes, instant access to information and seamless integration with our existing systems. Furthermore, the implementation team has shown great commitment, seriousness, resolution  and a great disposition to get things done."Cesar A. Fajardo Diaz, Archive and Document Manager, Mederi Hospital
SantanderCésar Incháustegui Alvarez, Operations Manager, Santander Consumer
“With CIMA’s cloud lending solution, we have been able to optimize the management and approval of credit applications as well as audit and control all digital files through the different stages of the process: document management, verification, review and disbursement. CIMA’s solution embedded Metrics Dashboard has also enabled us to measure, real time, key process indicators such sales force and back office production performance.”
Ricoh Latin America
Ricoh Latin AmericaLorna Hernandez, PHR, VR HR
“With Cima’s HR solution we had not only the opportunity to dene a regional document structure that provides, to certain extent, standardization, but also each country had the exibility to customize based on local legal and labor specications and requirements of their own sub structure. Today, each country is enjoying the benets of having a world class solution that complies with local legal and labor requirements, same language from a documents....”.
Ventana USA
Ventana USADana Hawkins IT Director
“Once we saw what DocuClass’ workflows could do, we wanted to spread them to all our departments. DocuClass has helped us to grow our business and improve customer satisfaction.”
Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Pittsburgh, PA.
Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Pittsburgh, PA.Mark Stuckey, Technology Specialist
“We have been working with DocuClass for over ve years. During this time we have greatly improved nine internal processes and are looking forward to signicant improvements in other business applications." 
Kellogg's de Colombia
Kellogg's de Colombia Gonzalo Arias Lewing Gerente de Tecnología de Información
"With the DocuClass solution, Kellogg’s has reduced the processing time to 3 minutes per invoice and subsequently reducing the cost of each transaction, improve overall productivity, improve customer service, and obtain more efficient financial control of the accounts payable process. The quality of the technical teams is exceptional, and we are 100% satisfied with their performance. "
City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority
City of Pittsburgh Housing AuthorityAlethea Cassidy, Finance Project Manager
" CIMA has listened closely to our needs and concerns and have worked closely with our project team to ensure in the end we will have a system that not only meets our day to day needs, but is also able to grow with us into the future, meeting our requirements & expectations.“DocuClass enabled us to review invoice and reconciliation documentation as needed, without making requests of the client - taking up less of their time and our time. The information was already organized and available in DocuClass to review on demand.”
Power Design
Power DesignHeather McKean, AP Administrator
"DocuClass has increased the organization and overall efficiency of the Accounts Payable department. Without this software, we would not have been able to achieve our departmental goal of reducing our cost per invoice by half within the last year."