About Cima Software

Cima Software Corporation is an innovative software company that provides collaborative content management solutions to streamline business processes for organizations of any size.

Our Enterprise Content Management Solutions:

DocuClass, available either on-premise or as a cloud hosted service (Daas), allows organizations to gain control over structured and unstructured information, improve retention, and increase efficiency.  DocuClass integrates with third party business applications to improve effectiveness across the organization.

Our Business Approach:

CIMA believes in properly aligning technology solutions with the strategic goals and objectives of the organizations for which we provide services. We make this happen by building team based relationships with our clients. By providing value-added services and selecting products that set or comply with industry standards, CIMA offers a platform from which an organization can improve their information management practices.

Our Value Proposition:

Provide practical, high-end solutions to our customers to increase their profitability and productivity.  Providing long term unstructured information management practices to internal business processes.

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