Advanced Scanning Reporting Agent


The Advanced Scanning Report Agent is a powerful supplement to our Advanced Scanning module. Large scanning projects can sometimes become difficult to manage when detailed information regarding queues and timing is not known. This module provides the manager with all the data that they need to make their advanced scanning processes more efficient. Time is money, and not only can the AS Report Agent save your time, but more importantly, it saves you money.


Now you can precisely track important scan jobs using the advanced scanning audit function. This allows you to monitor the state of each project by displaying the user, job ID, as well as actions being taken currently. All of these data can be queried and sorted based on the criteria you choose (user, territory, day, actions, etc).


Productivity reports provide you with valuable details such as the user, job name, queue position, time, and much more information that will help you manage all of your advanced scanning projects. It even creates a graph that allows you to conceptualize easily the productivity of every job.


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