Advanced Scanning


DocuClass Advanced Scanning provides a powerful, flexible scanning solution integrated directly with your Document Management system. The Advanced Scanning module was created to help your organization easily scan and index documents and images. DocuClass features pre-defined scanning scenarios that enable you to combine document separation (such as barcode, blank page, patch code, fixed number of pages, etc.), document classification (pre-defined, barcode, or manual), and indexing features from manual entry to a variety of auto-indexing options. Immediately after the scanning process, the documents are available for retrieval in DocuClass with all security features automatically applied.

DocuClass Advanced Scanning: a complete, powerful, user-friendly, fully TWAIN compatible, flexible, and integrated scanning solution designed to satisfy every scanning need.

  • User-friendly through pre-configured scanning scenarios and easy to learn, step-by-step document processing
  • Complete scanning process from capture to image enhancement to indexing and classification, using barcodes, auto-indexing features, manual entry, and more
  • Built-in step for quality assurance and index verification
  • Scanned documents can trigger workflow processes automatically

Advanced Scanning Datasheet

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