API Module


The DocuClass API is the Application Program Interface which allows developers to integrate DocuClass document management features with any third-party application. For example, the DocuClass API enables users working on a line of business application to access documents stored in DocuClass directly without accessing the DocuClass Retrieval Client.

The DocuClass API is not a self-contained document management interface. It assumes that a DocuClass system is already installed. The DocuClass API exposes methods and properties to access the installed DocuClass system from third-party software systems. The DocuClass API is not an independent application; it should be integrated into a complete solution. The use of DocuClass API is governed by the general DocuClass licensing mechanism and requires an agreement between Cima Software Corporation and the DocuClass solution provider for each specific DocuClass installation.

If you are interested in using the DocuClass API, we recommend that you contact your local certified DocuClass solution provider or Cima Software directly. We will be glad to assist you in meeting your integration needs.

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