Application Connector


The DocuClass Application Connector is the ideal alternative for all those organizations that want their users to access documents stored in DocuClass directly from existing line of business applications or third-party solutions but without any programming effort and without having to “touch” their core applications.

With the DocuClass Application Connector, you will be able to integrate your line of business application with DocuClass via a non-intrusive interface that requires no programming. DocuClass will extract data directly from the application window screens and establish a link to matching data within the DocuClass database.

For example, accounting managers who are working on their accounting applications will be able to access vendor invoices, packing slips and any other documents related to particular purchase order records directly from their financial solutions, using only simple shortcuts, hotkeys, or keystrokes.

  • Provides a non-intrusive interface with your applications that requires no programming
  • Analyzes the content of running applications automatically as well as retrieves all related documents
  • Extracts data from the running application window and uses it to automatically index related documents
  • Connects to documents stored in DocuClass with a simple keystroke

Application Connector Datasheet

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