BIC Violex: Distribution Processes Optimization for Shipments & Returns

Client Profile

BIC Violex S.A. is a manufacturing and trading company, specializing in stationary, lighters and shaving products, with a long presence in Greece since 1972.

It maintains privately-owned warehouses of raw material, ready-made goods and products in Anixi, Attica, from which it supplies a vast network of thousands of clients in Greece and Cyprus.

Due to the nature of its products, it addresses a varied and diverse clientele, such as supermarkets, wholesalers, representatives, technology chains, as well as clients of small retails shops.

The company has chosen to distribute its products through third parties (3PL / Forwarders). The distribution processes consist of the whole product workow, including both shipments and returns (inbound / outbound).

Case of Success

Due to the high volume of orders and shipments, BIC needed a better solution to optimize and automate not only the distribution process but also to streamline the exchange of information with external parties, like Forwarders, 3PL, Agents, Customers) and internal (Sales, Customer Service, Account Receivables, Credit Control, Warehouse, etc.

BIC chose the DocuClass software platform by CIMA Software after evaluating its completeness of functions oered, its ease of use, and its exibility to expand and adapt to their constantly changing needs.

To solve this problem, they implemented the DocuClass software, which enabled them to eciently manage an increase their orders, while decreasing the response time to customers’ requests and improving their support level experience.

DocuClass allowed them to deploy optimized workows and steps of Outbound Logistics, like:

Direct Logistics

– Adaptation of issued documents by adding QR barcodes for the traceability of shipments.
- Automated distribution of orders to forwarders.
– Electronic ling of issued documents.
– Maintenance of a digital archive, with the use of electronic signatures and elimination of
hard copies.
– Automated electronic distribution of ‘Delivery Advice’ to key accounts, upon the issuance of
an order.
– Receipt of information per shipment through EDI.
– Immediate receipt of digital signed copies (PoD), as soon as these are available to the
– Monitoring of the shipment cycle (IoD, delivery status, reason codes and PoD).
– Monitoring all pending actions per forwarder.
– Evaluation of forwarders’ level of support (delivery status, timely return of signed copies).
– Easy management of the physical le of returned signed copies (PoD).

Inverse Logistics

– Management of returns from partial deliveries.
– Internal procedures for the review and approval of return orders (commercial decisions,
product expiration, seasonal returns).
– Automated distribution of the return orders to the forwarder.
– Incorporation of ADR forms, where necessary, for hazardous products.
– Monitoring of the development of returns (from collection, to delivery at the warehouse).
– Collection processes at the warehouse.
– Sorting of returned products to usable and disposable.
– Automated notication to all involved departments (account manager, accounting, credit
control), upon completion and conrmation of the return.

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