Cloud ECM with Daas

DocuClass as a Service (Daas) is a cloud solution where you can experience all of the powerful features from DocuClass Enterprise without having to make large capital and IT-related expenditures. Now you can simply upload all of your documents to your very own “cloud”, where you can then securely retrieve and work with them using any web browser.

DaaS cloud solution offers all of this without the need to install, maintain, and upgrade server software, and its robust document repository allows for global availability of your documents in a secure environment.  To learn more, please download the Cloud ECM Brochure.


Unique ECM Benefits with Daas:

Enjoy the benefits of our world class Information Management solution, online.  Because Daas is an internet based (cloud) solution, it is compatible with any operating system (MS Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.) and smartphones.  It includes a built-in batch upload and desktop scanning module in order to allow you to effortlessly upload, classify, and index documents into your system.  Our renowned DocuClass workflow is also supported.  If the need arises, DocuClass can be easily converted into an on-premise solution without any additional configuration hassle.

Minimal Implementation Cost:

Since there is no upfront software expenses or capital budget, it is easy to implement Daas.  Without additional infrastructure or IT expenditures, Daas promotes a rapid ROI.

Reduced Operational Costs:

From an IT perspective, one of the biggest benefits is that the DaaS implementation does not require added internal IT support or administrative costs of technology infrastructure (such as servers, databases, backups, “service patches,” etc). The predictable recurring service fees of DaaS include all maintenance services, technical support, backups, upgrades, data protection, etc.

Fast Implementation:

Since the technological infrastructure is already in place and ready to use by our clients, the deployment of Daas is quick and stress free for the clients’ technical teams.

Cost Control:

Daas clients pay a predictable recurring fee to use the system, which is calculated based on the volume of the stored information, the number of concurrent users and the required functionality.

DocuClass Technology:

DocuClass is designed as an open architecture system. All documents are stored in their native industry standard format, such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC, and XLS. Furthermore, all related document data is stored in industry standard relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server©, mySQL©, and Oracle©. Due to this open architecture, you are not tied to a proprietary system.

DocuClass consists of “thick and thin” clients (Windows and WEB components) and utilizes a wide variety of technologies such as:

  • Barcode and OCR
  • Workflow engine
  • COLD / Enterprise Reporting Management
  • Electronic forms
  • Screen scraping
  • Document security

DocuClass interfaces directly with:

  • Any TWAIN-compatible scanner
  • Multifunctional Printers (MFP)
  • Fax and email servers
  • MS Office applications
  • Legacy and modern applications
  • External data sources (databases, flat files, xml sources)

DocuClass integrates easily with active directory or LDAP and supports LAN, WAN and WEB users.

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