• Enables individuals to work together to achieve a business purpose
  • Share workspaces with internal and external users –chat, versioning, auditing capabilities, and more
  • Knowledge and information sharing
  • Accountability for the organization

Collaborative Business Processes:

According to AIIM:

  • Transaction or content driven processes – like those found in financial, government, and many business organizations – involve multiple parties reviewing content, taking action, and potentially adding information as the process progresses
  • AIIM report on collaboration shows reports, dashboards, and electronic forms are the most popular process functions to access from mobile, although only 30% have this ability now
  • Electronic approvals and workflow sign-offs would be the next most popular, with only 20% having this now
  • An AIIM report states: 63% of respondents site collaboration as crucial to what they do
  • Bids and proposals, reviews and sign-offs, sales and marketing coordination, R&D, and case management are examples of specific organizational collaboration requirements
  • 33% cite external collaboration as being crucial

Secure Collaboration with eShare Portals:

eShare for documents – document sharing portal

eShare for transactions – collaborative business processes

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