DELATOLAS: specialized in the Feld of 3PL, transportation, courier and moving services for more than 50 years.

Client Profile

Delatolas holds an leadership position in the transportation market, maintaining more than 20.000 m2 of storage space, distribution centers & hubs in strategic geographic locations in Greece, a city-logistics center in Athens, more than 60 privately-owned trucks & vans, as well as a network of associates with 300 vehicles in every corner of Greece.

The Company performs thousands of distributions on a daily basis throughout Greece, serving a number of distribution channels like Super Markets, central warehouses, small retail locations, HO.RE.CA. locations, e-Shop recipients and commercial shops and organizations.

The successful management of such a complex transportation project, which involves dierent participants – having each their own role each – (consignees, senders, our members of sta, transportation agencies, recipients), made it necessary for them to adopt a software system that allows them to, quickly and simply, organize their distribution process in the most ecient possible way. While sharing information regarding the status of each shipment with all of the participants, in real time.

Case of Sucess

In order to cover their needs, while being able to oer new services with “additional value” in our transportation project, they chose the DocuClass Software Platform by CIMA Software.

In making this decision, they evaluated the completeness of the supporting functions, the integrated ‘business know-how’, as well as its exibility to adapt to their own complex needs, as well as its ability to expand, as they constantly create new services.

After deploying this technology and the appropriate integrations, they are now in a position to provide their customers with real time information regarding their shipments, in all major city centers, where we deliver using our own eet, as well as in areas where their associates have direct access to their systems.

Furthermore, their consignees have now access to their ‘Real Time’ Portal, through which they have direct insight of all orders details. Information on every delivery, along with the digitized signed copy, are available in our Portal; and they can also be automatically forwarded to the system of their consignee.

Additionally they are able to, provide a ‘Reservation & Booking’ service, through which their consignees’ customers can decide at the moment of ordering on the desired date and time that they want to receive their products.

Download the Brochure here.

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