DocuClass Components

DocuClass Enterprise Modules are designed to manage the entire information life cycle, from capture, management, process automation, integration to archival and distribution.  We have organized the vast capabilities of the DocuClass into four main categories:

Access and Analyze

Full Access Client
Is a core component of the DocuClass suite and is the primary user tool for accessing documents. Read More
Audit Agent
Can be used to monitor every activity by any user at any time. It also enables you to fully customize which activities you would like to audit and can provide you with a complete document history report. The reports can be generated by activity, date, user, or document ID and can be output in Excel, text or HTML formats.  Read More
DocuClass Web
Provides users with the functionality of DocuClass, even on the go. Read More
Export to Media Libraries
is ideal for organizations that need to distribute specific documents on auto-run CD/DVDs to customers, partners, etc. Read More
Advanced Scanning Report Agent
Is a powerful supplement to our Advanced Scanning module. Large scanning projects can sometimes become difficult to manage when detailed information regarding queues and timing is unknown. This module provides the manager with all the data that they need to make their advanced scanning processes more efficient. Read More

Import and Capture

Advanced Scanning
Is a highly advanced scanning module offering image enhancement and scanning automation features. The Advanced Scanning module was created to help your organization easily scan and index documents and images. Read More
Standard Scanning
Is used for “scan on demand” requirements. With a few keystrokes the user can scan single or mulitpage documents from any scanner. Read More.
Import Agent
Upload and index automatically or migrate large volumes of information into your DocuClass system, where imported documents are available for immediate retrieval through the client. Using the Import Agent you can import all of your documents and data with a single click. Read More
XML Connector
Enables the user to import multiple documents into DocuClass and then automatically index the documents. Read More
Email Connector
Captures all of your emails, allowing you to then utilize the document management capabilities of DocuClass to save, organize, and manage these emails. Read More
MFP Link
Scan, classify, and index directly from your multifunction printer into DocuClass. Read More

Configure and Integrate

System and Security
Manages and controls access to documents and data by users. Read More
License Manager
DocuClass optimizes the use of licensed components by managing concurrent licenses. Read More
API Module
The Application Program Interface allows developers to integrate DocuClass document management features with any third party application. Read More
Application Connector
Allows users to access documents stored in DocuClass directly from existing business applications. Read More
Info Push
Enables users to send selected data directly from DocuClass to any application. Read More

Process Automation & Collaboration

Individuals can work together to achieve a business purpose. Read more.
DocuClass WorkFlow
WorkFlow streamlines and automates traditionally time consuming processes. Reduces operational costs and increases productivity by automating critical business processes. Read More
 Define and implement simple or complex key business applications linked with data.  For example, create any type of form or business record, initiate workflows, link documents with forms, submit forms, and more. Read More
Enables users to submit or create pre-defined electronic PDF based forms which can trigger actions, workflow processes, or create other forms. Forms can be populated manually or automatically. Read More
Email WorkFlow Link
Alerts a workflow participation that action is required. Once the user opens the email alert a link will open a workflow command menu in their web browser allowing them to take appropriate action. Read More
Fax Manager
Automates the processing of faxes received, storing properly indexed faxes in the DocuClass system. Read More
Process Metrics Dashboards
Information management tool offering a real time high-level view into the overall performance of your organization. Read More

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