DocuClass Web


DocuClass Web 4.0 utilizes the latest AJAX technology to deliver you a powerful DocuClass experience from anywhere you have access to the internet. The Web 4.0 module is accessed through your web browser, meaning you can now manage important information from your office, home, favorite wifi hotspot, or while traveling in the field. The user interface is strikingly similar to that of the traditional core module found on your desktop, and carries almost identical functionality. DocuClass Web requires no download, as it is accessible from any commonly used browser on any operating system. Now you can view, add, process batched documents, and much more – no matter where you are.

Browser Independent   

chrome_docuclass   firefox_docuclass   ie_docuclass safari_docuclass

The application requires no download. It is accessible from any commonly used browser (Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) on any operating system.

Device Independent

Because Web 4.0 runs on any browser, it also runs on any device with a browser. DocuClass is now device independent,  meaning you can have the same access when using your PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone, tablet, etc.

The DocuClass Web 4.0 system is built on infrastructure that provides a secure browsing environment. This security includes features such as:

  • All Web users’ access is controlled by the administrator through security policies and can be monitored through the DocuClass Audit Agent
  • Authentication through Active Directory or LCAP
  • Ability to limit access to specific IP addresses
  • Creating temporary repositories

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