DocuClass E-Forms enable users to submit or create pre-defined electronic PDF-based forms which can trigger actions, workflow processes, and even create other forms. Forms can be populated manually or automatically from other data sources, such as information associated with other documents.

Application Examples:

Organizations can use DocuClass E-Forms to replace paper form-based processes. For example, new customer orders that were previously typed and scanned can be now created as e-forms and stored, routed and associated with additional documents instantly.

Users are able to access DocuClass, select and complete a purchase requisition form to request a new purchase. Once submitted, DocuClass can route the form through an electronic approval process before it is sent to purchasing.

Some business processes require employees to create numerous documents (e.g., letters, memos, contracts, board agendas etc) or project/contract packages. This task can be very time-consuming and error-prone. Instead, you can use the DocuClass E-Forms module to automatically create these documents with data collected during the process.

In combination with the DocuClass WEB interface, organizations can use E-Forms to enable users, customers and/or partners to submit on-line forms (e.g., applications, surveys, orders, etc)

Human Resources can use e-forms to automate the paper-intensive processes normally associated with new opportunity postings, applications, terminations and position changes.

E-Forms are available to any user (WEB, Workflow, Full Access Client) and could be considered as an alternative to entering data into DocuClass or as a starting point for any internal workflow.

Key Features:

  • Manual or automatic creation of forms
  • Automatic indexing
  • Complete security control over the forms fields – enabling you to control which fields are accessible by each group of users
  • Ability to create other forms from data contained in previous forms or from data associated with other documents
  • Drop down field options
  • Ability to query existing databases to populate form fields automatically

e-Forms Datasheet

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