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Docuclass eLogistics PoD

eLogistics provides a global view of all shipping order status while optimizes AR invoicing and customer service.
eLogistics ensures accurate and timely PoD information and streamlines the management of order and delivery disputes.

eLogistics Shippers

Benefits for logistics process
  • Improves Cash-flow position.
  • Optimizes the AR invoicing process.
  • Enables order & delivery exception handling.
  • Improves customer loyalty.
  • Promotes transparency in the order and delivery process.
  • Provides timely order and delivery information.
  • Intuitive and graphical view of all delivery orders status.
  • Instant access to all delivery order documentation.
  • Automatically links PoD signed document with the order record.
  • Exception handling.
  • IoD and PoD KPIs & Metrics dashboards.
  • Customer Portal.
  • Mobile and geo-location capability.
How does it work

eLogistics receives the delivery information. Optionally, eLogistics sends the delivery list to the mobile teams of the drivers or the delivery orders to the 3PL & forwarders, based on a route of distribution. eLogistics can accept geo-location information to reflect in real time the location of each cast on the map. eLogistics receives “delivery information” from each distribution

Delivery tickets are signed and scanned. eLogistics recognizes each document by the barcode or OCR and establishes a link with the corresponding distribution record. Unrecognized documents are routed to the “queue of exceptions” for manual management. Recipients can access the Portal and track their orders and related documents. Accounting, Customer Service and other areas can view the status of each shipping order. Events such as ‘PoD received’ can generate Workflows in the System (like ‘Invoicing’). Provides a series of reports and metrics on the process and performance of third parties.

Dashboard shows Global details about the PoD (Proof of Delivery) and IOD (Delivery Status) received, pending, and returned.


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Docuclass eLogistics Fleet Management

eLogistics Fleet Management allows organizations that manage a fleet of transports (3PLs, Shippers and / or Shippers) to optimize the delivery and Proof of Delivery (PoD) process as well as ensure the compliance with all terms of customer service agreements (SLAs).

eLogistics Feet Management provides a global overview of the distribution process, allows for automation of fleet, delivery route and driver management, and can generate a wide range of metrics and indicators on real time.


3PLs & Carriers

Market Challenges

  • Need to comply with all delivery terms.
  • Difficulty monitoring driver performance.
  • Need for control and transparency of the entire shipping process through optimal fleet and route management.
  • Lack of detailed information to address shipping problems or claims in a timely manner.
  • Need to maintain efficient and constant communication with shippers as well as customers.
  • High operating costs.
  • Increasing competitiveness in the logistics industry.


  • Provides a global overview of all delivery orders.
  • Instant access to all delivery details (no problem, missing
  • item, late delivery, etc)
  • Route monitoring and control
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Payment collection, return management, PoD (proof of
  • delivery) in real time through the mobile App
  • Compliance with SLAs
  • Better overview through metrics and indicators
  • Past route replay
  • Customer Portal (for Shipper)
  • Recording of partial or complete payments
  • Mobile capacity and geolocation

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