We have been working with Cima Software for over 5 years.  During this time we have greatly improved 9 internal processes and are looking forward to significant improvements in other business applications.  The software is intuitive, user-friendly, and offers a single solution for our diverse needs-from student records management to enhancing business processes.

-Mark Stuckey, Technology Specialist, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, PA

Cima Software’s Enterprise Content Management for education, eDatafolio, manages tests, assignments, and classroom and training materials.  eDatafolio automatically captures the data and allows for instant access creating a more comprehensive assessment of student academic performance.

“The costs of managing documents: more than 90% of communication with students & parents is through documents.
Documents account for up to 40% of labor costs & 15% of funding”-Gartner Group, 2000.

Why eDatafolio is a good choice for education?

      • Eliminate paper filing and storage
      • Reduce cost, time, and effort on searching and retrieving paperwork
      • No need to copy or transport documents
      • Reduce manual data entry by importing data from student information systems
      • Store and access complete student files all in one system
      • Automate administrative processes
        • Accounts Payable Processing
        • Streamline Human Resources
      • Greater service to students and faculty

eDatafolio Educational Environment:

The Enterprise Content Management solution is a quick and easy install, with minimal training. A paperless solution that makes it possible to register, upload, store, collaborate, and review tests, assignments, and results within the system.

    • Intuitive, electronic system allows for easy access and grading assignments/tests
    • OMR enables recognition of test and assignment grades and facilitates the update of existing School Information System’s such as PowerSchool, Edline, Blackboard, etc.
    • Students and parents enjoy instant access to test and assignments results
    • Provides graphical real-time process metric indicators

Case Study: Allegheny Intermediate Unit

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