DC eFlowForm InfographicDefine and implement simple or complex applications linked with documents.  For example, create any type of form or business record, initiate workflows, link documents with forms, submit forms, and more.  DocuClass eFlowForm can address your current and future needs for almost any application type.

  • Create any type of form or business record
  • Define form layout
  • Implement business logic, validations, calculation  and auto-fills
  • Link documents with forms
  • Collaborate & Share with internal/external users
  • Generate PDF documents
  • Submit Forms
  • Initiate Workflows
  • Work from WEB Browser, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Configure & Administrate using an easy – non programmer – user interface
  • Empower using javascript
  • Powerful security context

Empower your Enterprise Content Management system with a feature that defines and implements simple and complex applications linked with documents.  With an easy to use –non-programmable – interface, you can set up forms accessible from any web browser.  Make your forms smart with validations, auto calculations, auto fill and even scripting.  You can publish or share your eFlowForms with internal and external users under a predefined security context, upload documents and link with forms, initiate workflows, submit requests.

Learn more about Dynamic Forms.

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