Email Connector



DocuClass Email Connector captures email, email attributes, and attachments separately and can convert emails and attachments to PDFs.

The application simply monitors a specific email address, and then captures, converts, and saves all of the account’s emails and attachments directly to DocuClass.

  • Can trigger workflow
  • Instant Access by authorized users
  • Links email to other documents
  • Convert attachments to e-forms


The email connector is made up of 2 components:

  1. Email Client- users specify the email server for the account they wish to monitor.  Any time an email is received, the email client retrieves and saves the email to an external, predefined hot folder.
  2. Email Processor- once the email client captures and saves your emails in the hot folder, the email processor converts the emails into a PDF and stores them in DocuClass.

The email connector can be especially useful when integrated with workflow.  When emails are saved as documents, the receipt of emails can automatically trigger a workflow; speeding up processes such as customer inquiries, PO processing, job applications, and more.

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