DocuClass Energy is a suite of integrated turn-key solutions designed to help energy organizations optimize key internal processes and have instant and secure access to relevant information in an intuitive manner.

Facing ongoing economic and regulatory challenges, companies must utilize tools to increase overall productivity and efficiency by reducing costs, streamlining and automating operations, and improving knowledge management strategies while protecting their information assets.


Preserves and provides secure accessibility to mining maps, plans, and other critical documents. eDrawing additionally provides content extraction functionality.


Controls the high volume and frequency of contractual processes and agreements between customers and subcontractors . eContracts is a solution that optimizes the management and communication between all areas of the organization to properly allocate financial and personnel resources.


Allows users to select and access documents related to plant equipment, location or any other visual criteria, directly from a graphical interface that displays the corresponding equipment, location etc. eView uses a coordinates model to link specific documents to related objects, entities, or sections of maps.


Enables organizations to define a model of electronic information management designed specifically to organize, monitor and implement policies and procedures necessary for compliance with ISO and OHSAS rules and regulations.

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