Export to Media Libraries


The DocuClass Export to Media Library is the ideal option for all those organizations that need to:

  • Distribute specific documents or batches of documents on auto-run CD/DVDs to corporate customers, partners, employees, etc.
  • Generate offline document repositories for archival, backup purposes or for offline use.
  • Each media library is a self-contained entity that includes: the selected files, the predefined DocuClass document hierarchy, all associated indexing information, and the DocuClass Media Client with search, retrieval, print, e-mail and export capabilities. This package enhances DocuClass Document Management by making it even more flexible and mobile.

A DocuClass Media Library can be contained on one single medium or, according to size, spread over several disks. The royalty-free Media Client part of the library can be used by your employees (e.g. traveling sales force, technicians, etc.), your customers, partners, or any other users who need access to particular documents.

  • Export selected documents with corresponding index information.
  • Create self-contained document retrieval systems on separate media forms. Each library contains a DocuClass Library Client that enables users to search, view, print, e-mail and export documents.
  • Distribute media libraries on any media.
  • Create either a self-running library (on one single media) or create several volumes that constitute one library, prompting the user as to which volume is searched.

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