Fax Manager


DocuClass Advanced Fax Management is a component designed to automate the processing of faxes received via MFP, RightFax, or similar fax server system, storing properly-indexed faxes in the DocuClass system.

DocuClass Fax Management can include, but is not limited to, all of the following:

  • Automatically monitor and capture incoming faxes
  • Data extraction from faxes received via MFP, RightFax, any other fax server
  • Query of extracted data against external SQL databases provides automatic indexing of imported faxes
  • Manage exceptions and damaged faxes
  • Automatic fax-back notification can be delivered to sender or an alternative recipient, via fax or e-mail, using templates, using pre-designed customized messages, with thumbnail views of the first fax page
  • Unique IDs assigned to every received fax
  • Stamping faxes with unique ID barcodes and distribution for printing to pre-designated printers
  • Change status of received faxes in the fax server system to “imported,” automatically updating the status within DocuClass
  • New incoming faxes can automatically trigger workflow processes
  • Automatic indexing of processed/modified faxes – for instance saving them as a revision in DocuClass and updating the status
  • Automatically generates reports – unprocessed faxes, for example
  • Powerful quality assurance tools to ensure that every incoming fax is properly stored and processed in DocuClass
  • Export faxes, as single page or multipage files, and data to automatically created folders, thereby making the document and data available for other business applications
  • Assist in achieving compliance, such as HIPAA, by keeping track of the entire document path from the moment the fax document is received

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