Full Access Client


DocuClass Full Access Client is a core component of the DocuClass suite and is the primary user tool for accessing their documents. From the users’ point of view it works with amazing simplicity – only requiring a short amount of training to use all the features of the software – yet it has complex security structures in place that ensure data integrity.

With DocuClass FAC, users can work with a single document or group of selected documents, regardless of format. They can manage, view, control, search, alter, update, compare, distribute, combine, split, create revisions, rearrange pages and a whole lot more, using just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.



  • Easily manage documents
  • Instantly search, retrieve, and distribute documents
  • Security permissions control what a user can and cannot do or view
  • Powerful viewers make working with documents easy
  • Search documents by using custom keywords with filters or full-text search
  • Apply commands to a single document or a group of selected documents
  • E-mail a document or ZIP compress and e-mail large files or batches of documents
  • Export document files to the local file system
  • Add, view, and change document notes
  • Check out and check in documents
  • Print documents, individually or in batch mode, without opening them
  • From you local file system, import single or multiple files using drag and drop
  • Update document versions
  • View document history and access any previous versions of a file
  • Merge documents

Full Access Client Datasheet

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