DocuClass Healthcare is a robust, user friendly and easily deployable healthcare solution that can be used in conjunction with your existing EMR/EHR system (or alone). 

Designed to give medical providers the ability to:

  • Improve patient services
  • Automate and improve back office processes (such as AP & HR)
  • Securely manage all healthcare information
  • Meet HIPAA regulations
  • Reduce costs associated with copying, filing, and storing patient information

A healthcare solution that improves patient services:

  • Faster information retrieval enables quicker response times to patient inquiries
  • Reduce costs associated with filing, copying, and storing paper
  • Less time searching for misfiled or lost patient documentation
  • Creates electronic patient folders and enters all demographic and insurance information

A healthcare solution that improves back office processes by incorporating automation:

  • Automate billing procedures will lead to shortened billing cycles
  • Simplify accounting by automatically routing documents in the system to be reviewed for payment
  • Charts and documents can be scanned and then routed for verification, billing, coding, etc.
  • HealthCare365 can be simply integration with coding and other LOB applications currently used
  • Streamline your human resources information such as the onboarding process, manage records, ensure licenses and certifications are up to date

Securely manage all healthcare information with DocuClass:

  • Streamline admission procedures
  • Audit trails ensure retention policies and procedures are met
  • Ensure proper destruction methods are taken
  • Access to information within the system is limited by user role to ensure health information remains private and secure

To learn more, please download our DocuClass Healthcare Handout

Scanning Services:

  • Scan to the cloud
  • Back file and day forward services
  • Instant, secure, and HIPAA Compliant

Learn more about our scanning services.

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