Human Resources

An Enterprise Content Management solution to manage the entire employee life cycle

HR is one of the most document intensive areas of an organization.  Reducing the administrative burden on HR helps build a competitive business.  DocuClass Human Resources creates a flexible and productive department that has the ability to provide real-time information.

According to Forrester Research “On average, HR uses 50% of all its available time handling manual and mostly paper driven personnel administrative tasks”.

Addressing the Key HR Roles of “Recruiting and Hiring”, “Employee Development” and “Key Employee Retention”, DocuClass offers solutions for:

Recruitment –capture, store and route applications and resumes

Onboarding – automate new employee procedures

Employee file management –stored in a single location

Off boarding –automate employee exit procedures

Policy and certification management –ensure policies and procedures are current and compliant


    • Centralize all employee content such as resumes, tax information, reviews, training certifications, promotions, etc.
    • Automate/streamline recruitment and onboarding
    • Use e-forms to capture and route job applications
    • Simplifies daily HR tasks
    • Instant access to documents
    • Streamline personnel tasks, such as:
      • Benefits
      • Vacation
      • Expense reports
      • Reminders
      • Employee policies, certifications, and agreements
    • Easily manage all employee information
    • Automates administrative processes and eliminates manual tasks
    • Reduces operational costs
    • Ensures information security and integrity
    • Ensures compliance with federal and state regulations as well as enforces document retention policies

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