Info Push


DocuClass InfoPush brings a new and revolutionary approach in process automation. The DocuClass InfoPush module introduces a practical and easily-deployable alternative to integrate with existing applications, enabling users to send selected data directly and interactively from DocuClass to any application, running on any environment and using any type of technology.

DocuClass InfoPush eliminates the time-consuming and error prone tasks of manually updating 3rd party applications. It mimics all user keyboard and mouse actions in order to automatically update target applications using keyword values extracted from a DocuClass document. To do that, the DocuClass InfoPush module utilizes keyboard and mouse “macro” technology to “play-back” to target an application, dynamically emulating the required sequence of keyboard strokes and mouse movements.

Advanced features include:

  • Automatic navigation to the proper controls of the target application screen
  • User interaction handling, if necessary, during playback at predefined points
  • User input of additional data during the execution
  • Flow breakdown based on logical conditions
  • Option to send menu commands
  • Option to change pages
  • Option to bring focus to any required window, if required, to emulate every possible user action

The DocuClass InfoPush configuration can be used in two different ways: a wizard-driven configuration that automates most common tasks and a script-driven configuration for more demanding and complex situations.

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