Process Metrics Dashboard

Information management tool offering a real time high-level view into the overall performance of your organization.

Dashboards collect data from multiple data points to provide a single reporting interface. This reduces the amount of time and effort compiling reports and sharing data with everyone in the business. Dashboards offer an opportunity to expose metrics to a wider audience within your organization.

With DocuClass’s Process Metrics Dashboard, you decide¬†what metrics are critical to monitor and the Process Metrics Dashboard keeps you updated with real-time information. The ability to drill down on any identified red flags directly from the dashboard provides complete transparency.

The easy to read dynamic display delivers information about the status of documents within a business process and instant access to all related documents from anywhere and any device. Real time visibility to any established standard allows for a true understanding of your business. The value of the dashboard allows digging deeper and discovering the exact factors that are affecting progress. Identify items of concern, and immediately view the item in question as well as all supporting documentation without exiting the dashboard.

Benefits of Process Metrics Dashboard:

  • Establish standards based on historical data to gauge performance
  • Improved insights relative to specific time frames
  • Measure multiple metrics, develop patterns, and identify trends
  • Identify documents that create bottlenecks with in a process immediately

To learn more, please download the Process Metrics Dashboard brochure.

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