System and Security


The DocuClass System and Security Configuration is one of the core components of the system and the heart of DocuClass’ ironclad security and system setup. It defines:

  • Documents structure: document groups, document types, keywords
  • Keyword look-up lists
  • Manage and control access to documents and data by users
  • Active directory integration
  • Document storage and repositories including WORM media
  • Advanced configurations like WAN access via FTP, check-in check-out, print driver, FTP access, templates
  • Microsoft Office integration, database encryption, usage of print Screen and alt print screen Shortcuts, SMTP mail server settings, full text search, external databases queries, etc.
  • WEB access
  • Statistics per document types and/or periods of time
  • Tools to identify orphan documents and check the consistency of links
  • Manage concurrent users

Access to this component is restricted to the DocuClass system administrator. Additional authorized power users can be set up by the administrator to have access to this module.

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