Third Party Administrator

Cima Software’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for Third Party Administrators provides the quick handling of paper mail, email, and electronic documents and gets your adjusters doing what they do best, faster. DocuClass as a service allows for secure access to your documents from anywhere, which is especially important for TPAs with many offices.

DocuClass for TPAs

Our user-friendly cloud ECM Solution makes it possible to upload, scan, store and process claims and supporting documentation without the need for any IT support.

We no longer need to maintain a paper file folder and no longer have to manually locate claim file folders and move the folders from the mail room storage area to adjusters desks and the back to the storage room. All of the adjuster’s claim documents are in DocuClass, no more paper shuffling.- Keith Layne, Alternative Service Concepts, Nashville, TN


Why is DocuClass a good fit for your TPA?

  • Increase productivity and competitiveness
  • Reduce costly paper handling and manual routing
  • Achieve quicker responses
  • Receive incoming emails faster
  • Accelerate internal routing process
  • Provide better service to your clients and claimants


DocuClass will help you to increase productivity in many ways

DocuClass as a service stores your documents in a central repository in the cloud, allowing you to access your information from anywhere at any time, which is especially important for a business where clients and claimants can be anywhere. Having your documentation and process available in the cloud will allow you to distribute your adjusters to where they are needed without reducing productivity.



  • DocuClass drastically reduces the need for paper movement, from mail room to adjuster. Adjusters receive documentation faster, allowing them to spend more time working with documents.
  • DocuClass cuts the time to process the documentation allowing easy search across electronic files. Each claim is processed faster without the need to move paper or search in a filing cabinet.
  • Decrease processing costs by at least 35%




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