What is DocuClass

DocuClass Enterprise Information Management System

docuclass enterprise content management software

DocuClass is a powerful modular and scalable Enterprise Information Management Solution that allows organizations to manage their information more eficiently and streamline internal processes. DocuClass components are designed to manage the entire information life cycle, from capture, management, process automation, integration to archival and distribution, while keeping usability and a great cost to value ratio in mind.

DocuClass can be deployed as an on-premise or cloud solution and includes a wide range of generic capabilities such as document/data capture, version control, information security, Workflow, WEB forms, reporting; as well as document & transactional business application solutions for logistics, electronicInvoicing, accounts payable, contract management and much more.

DocuClass offers a superior combination of:

• Functionality – A deep collection of capabilities
• Flexibility – Applicable to diverse industries and applications
• Scalability – Battle-tested in high-volume applications
• Usability – Easy to install, learn, use, support and interface
• Affordability – In both product and overall operating costs
• Mobility – Access from remote locations and “on the road”
• Accessibility – Instant access for authorized users
• Security – Ensure information integrity



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