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  • Implement a digital transformation strategy.
  • Digitize and automate your business processes.
  • Access your information from anywhere.
  • Make better business decisions.
  • Reduce operational and processing costs.
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Why Do Businesses Use DocuClass?

With DocuClass you can manage the complete information life cycle, from the capture, access, management, process automation, integration, to the archiving and distribution of documents. Using DocuClass to simplify and organize your documents and how they are managed in the most efficient way possible.

Process Automation

Optimize processes, execute tasks, manage exceptions and business rules, eliminate redundancies.

Total Access

Instant access to information from anywhere, at any time.

Security and Compliance

Control access and permissions to allow your system to comply with custom configured rules and regulations.

Cost Reduction and Processing Time

Eliminate manual tasks, reduce operating costs.

Customer Cases

Companies that have successfully implemented DocuClass to optimize information management within their business processes.
With the DocuClass solution, Kellogg's has reduced the processing time of 3 minutes per invoice and subsequently reduced the cost of each transaction, improving overall productivity, improving customer service, and obtaining more efficient financial control of the Accounts by Pay.
Luis Sánchez Lescano
Administration PWC
With DocuClass we have managed to develop value propositions for our clients and we have received exceptional support, both in the commercial and technical areas, and even strategic and marketing, which has contributed significantly to our position in the market as an "integrator of value".
Xinia Barquero A.
Sales Manager of Ricoh Costa Rica
The DocuClass System has fully met our expectations. It has allowed us to obtain a significant reduction of times, greater agility in the processes, updating of the information online, interaction with other systems and, above all, a significant decrease in paper and impressions.
Cesar A. Fajardo Diaz
Head of Archive and Documents of Hospital Universitario Mayor Méderi
Our experience with Docuclass has been very significant, in it we have found a functional and friendly software, it has allowed us to develop processes that were purely manual in digital.
Gonzalo Arias Lewing
IT Manager of Kellogg's
Consider that your service and product have been of excellent quality, mainly for what we have facilitated the fulfillment of the established objectives in a reasonable time, all this covering adequately the technical and functional requirements.
Mario Palomera
Technology and Business Development Manager of Grupo México
DocuClass has increased the organization and overall efficiency of the Accounts Payable department. Without this software, we could not have been able to achieve our departmental goal of reducing our cost per bill by half in the last year.
Alethea Cassidy
Finance Project Manager of the Pittsburgh Housing Authority

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