5 Reasons to Get Serious About the Last Mile Problem (AIIM article)

DocuClass eLogistics targets a common logistics problem, called the “Last Mile” problem, as explained in the AIIM article “5 Reasons to Get Serious About the “Last Mile” Problem”.

“For many organizations, the “last mile” of the Distribution process – whether products are delivered to another business or to an end consumer – is a key and often overlooked process moment of truth. And Proof of Delivery (PoD) documents are a key factor in manual last mile inefficiences”. (AIIM)

  • Cost Reduction.
  • The Impact of “Last Mile” Automation on “Upstream” Processes.
  • Revenue Generation.
  • There is a technology revolution underway through the distribution value chain, but especially in the “last mile.”
  • Tackling “last mile” paper documentation can be a springboard to broader Digital Transformation efforts.