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DocuClass Payables

Achieve real optimization in your Accounts Payable Process
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Why use DocuClass Payables?

Optimize Control and Validation

Reduce Cost and Processing Times

Achieve Total Process Visibility

Obtain Metrics and Indicators

Improve Client - Vendor Relationship

Eliminate Manual Tasks

How does DocuClass Payables work?

01. Invoice Capture

  • All types of invoices (electronic and physical).
  • From any source.
  • Centralized or decentralized capture.
  • Process automation.

02. Data Extraction

  • Automate invoice data extraction.
  • Eliminate human error.
  • Eliminate manual data entry.
  • Generate cost and time savings..

03. Validation y Conciliation

  • Validation of captured data with ERP data.
  • Achieved through direct integration with the ERP or other data sources.
  • Automatic 3 Way Match validation.

04. Invoice Approval Process

  • Automate approval workflows.
  • Generate alerts y notifications.
  • Manage actions and business rules.
  • Gain overview over the entire process.

05. Metrics

  • Tabular and graphic reports.
  • Real time metrics.
  • Key information for decision making.

06. Improved Collaboration with Vendors

  • Include vendors in the AP process through the Vendor Portal.
  • Vendors can review invoice payment status.
  • Vendors can access all order related documents directly.
  • Track all communication between company and vendor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. DocuClass has an open architecture and includes a wide range of integration tools such as Web services, Web APIs, database queries, query updates, url links, and much more.

With DocuClass Payables you have an ample set of validation options. For example, you would be able to validate if the invoice and PO amounts coincide, if the PO exist, if the invoice is a duplicate one, confirm the type of vendor the invoice is from, validate items received vs invoiced items etc.

A typical implementation takes a few weeks. However additional complexities or special requirements may require additional weeks.

DocuClass Payables has been successfully implemented in hundreds of organizations, of all sizes, worldwide. Furthermore, the implementation teams is extremely familiar with the entire purchase to pay process and is constituted by a highly technical group of engineers, developers and support personnel.

Cima Software is focused on optimizing the customer experience at all levels. With this mind, Cima has implemented a customer oriented pre and post service program at a commercial, technical and support level. This program emphasizes preventive and proactive monitoring tasks, prompt resolution to all technical support requests, use of better practices, and the overall satisfaction of our customers.

Yes. DocuClass Payables enables organizations to manage the entire purchase to pay cycle. DocuClass Payables can automate the entire process, from purchase requisition, PO approval to nvoice registration, validation and approval.

Vendor Portal, robust workflow tools for process automation, alerts and notifications, metrics and KPIs, automatic invoice registration and validation, 3 way match and much more.

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