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DocuClass AI Payables

Achieve real optimization in your Accounts Payable process
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Why use
DocuClass AI Payables?

Optimize Control and Validation

Reduce Cost and Processing Times

Achieve Total Process Visibility

Obtain Metrics and Indicators

Improve Client - Vendor Relationship

Eliminate Manual Tasks

How does DocuClass Payables work?

01. Invoice Capture

  • All types of invoices (electronic and physical).
  • From any source.
  • Centralized or decentralized capture.
  • Process automation.

02. Data Extraction

  • Automate invoice data extraction with AI.
  • Eliminate human error.
  • Eliminate manual data entry.
  • Generate cost and time savings..

03. Validation y Conciliation

  • Validation of captured data with ERP data.
  • Achieved through direct integration with the ERP or other data sources.
  • Automatic 3 Way Match validation.

04. Invoice Approval Process

  • Automate approval workflows.
  • Generate alerts y notifications.
  • Manage actions and business rules.
  • Gain overview over the entire process.

05. Metrics

  • Tabular and graphic reports.
  • Real time metrics.
  • Key information for decision making.

06. Improved Collaboration with Vendors

  • Include vendors in the AP process through the Vendor Portal.
  • Vendors can review invoice payment status.
  • Vendors can access all order related documents directly.
  • Track all communication between company and vendor.

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