DocuClass Updates 2021-1

This new year comes with news from DocuClass. We have been working on making many improvements to our solution to continue supporting you in your daily work. We’ve made DocuClass even more secure, and integrated new features and components that will empower your organization.

Stay tuned, because during the year we will be launching many more new features.


• Page Header Security (general attack prevention, CORS).
• Parameter validation and token security in GET and POST submission (prevent XSS attacks and SQL injection).
• Login with internal token and encryption (higher security with SHA512).
• Google CAPTCHA (increased security, available if required).
Migration to PHP 7.4 (which offers greater security and speed in code execution).
• HTTPS (increased security for all cloud customers and users)
• TLS 1.2 for IIS.


• Document upload preview.
• Merge & Split function allows for page extraction from a document to create a new document (also permits changing the document type of document)
Optimized and faster loading in the document overview window
New document viewer supports over 100 document formats, annotations and version management options (at no extra cost available to DocuClass cloud customers only).
• Improvements in the document audit view (local date and time are shown based on the general configuration).
• Improvements in the date format view for the system fields (local date and time are shown according to the general configuration).
• AES256 Encryption used for Keywords.
• AES256 Encryption used for documents.
• Allows to hide not needed icons in the web interface.
• Look Up and conditional autofill: allows to auto-index fields with values from conditional fields (they are only filled out once previous fields have been auto-indexed by previous look-ups).
• Selective PDF Page Extractor: allows to select specific pages of a PDF and save them as a new document while retaining or deleting the pages in the original document.


• Dashboards – Allows to quickly customize tabular and graphical reports with data contained in DocuClass or external sources.
• Vendor Portal – Allows vendors to upload their invoices and quotes as well as get access to the payment status of their invoices.
• WEB Configurator – Allows to carry out basic DocuClass configurations (such as document structure, user management, keywords, etc) through the web interface.


• OCR Full text search.
• OCR zonal Keyword fill.
• Editing of MS Office documents.
• Remote, biometrical digital signature and signature with digital certificate.
• New DocuClass WEB version featuring a complete redesign of the DocuClass interface, designed to improve the user experience and save time to accomplish tasks more efficiently.
• Improvements to the standard version of DocuClass Web.
• Agent Upgrade as Windows Services.
• New WEB form component (electronic WEB forms).
• DocuClass Mobile (Android & iOS).

Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

Situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic have shown us the vital importance of being able to manage a company’s documents and data digitally, remotely, and efficiently, so that key business processes are not interrupted. In this context, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data capture, content analysis and document management play a crucial role for business continuity within an uncertain economic framework, full of logistical, operational and health related problems.

For the most part, managing business processes depends on documents and data with different formats and from a variety of sources, which ultimately establish the business information that feeds those processes.

For example, companies do not receive payments from their customers unless they have received and processed a purchase order, documented a delivery process, and generated the corresponding invoices. All of this requires tools to capture, process, share and distribute the information needed to complete each vital process such as invoicing. This same phenomenon is repeated in a plethora of processes such as accounts payable, contract approval, inventory management, evaluation and hiring of personnel, etc.  All are based on the proper management of information, one of the most important assets of any company or organization.

Therefore, in times of crisis like COVID-19, organizations more than ever need tools such as Intelligent Data Capture (with Artificial Intelligence) and Information Management that allow them to manage their information efficiently and without generating interruptions of critical processes from anywhere, at any time, in a secure yet transparent manner.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the capacity to face this type of crisis, because their business processes are still focused on physical documents, manual processes and most importantly they lack comprehensive tools to manage all information appropriately.

In the following paragraphs, we would like to share the factors and ways in which our DocuClass solution has been enabling customers worldwide to not only ensure wide-ranging business continuity plans but also guarantee uninterrupted remote work in times of crisis.

Information Security and 24/7 Access from Anywhere

Internal as well as external users can safely and instantly access documents, reports, records, etc from any platform and/or device. Logging-in remotely is secure as the system configuration allows to define permission profiles and access roles for each group of users to control what data each user can access, the extent of permissions granted to edit and manage it, and furthermore, which specific processes the user is allowed to participate in. Searching for data and documents is instantaneous, because DocuClass is a document and information system designed for a very high volume of transactions and the user interface is intuitive and logical.

Digital Signatures: Capability to Securely Sign Documents Digitally

With DocuClass, users with the relevant permissions are able to legally sign their PDF documents directly within the system interface. This eliminates to dependency on paper for physical signatures. Documents such as contracts, invoices, purchase orders (POs), purchase requisitions, among others, can be digitally signed following the business rules and policies appropriate to their specific process. For example, a company’s legal department can request, create, review, and approve contracts involving both, internal and external users, such as suppliers, external partners, third parties, etc.

Ability to Manage Document-based and Transaction-based Workflows

DocuClass Workflow allows companies to digitally optimize all of their document processes no matter where the users are located. The information management solution will allow for automated actions, due date monitoring, automatic alerts, workload distribution, routing of documents through pre-established workflows, exception management and more. Business processes can be initiated in a decentralized manner following standardized processes. For example, an area manager can request purchase approval for a given product directly from his office, home, or hotel by entering an intelligent web form, which ensures the monitoring of relevant procurement policies and executes the initiation of an approval workflow within the organization.

100% Availability in Private Cloud Service Environments

The cloud version of DocuClass not only provides secure, instant access to information, but also allows the enterprise to focus on its core business and avoid having to dedicate variable resources to acquiring, maintaining, and managing the infrastructure needed to protect and dispose of stored data and documents. DocuClass’ cloud infrastructure, which has key industry certifications and adheres to the highest standards worldwide, ensures file integrity with multiple security protocols and full redundancy.

Intelligent Data Capture with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the main problems that companies face is that many business processes depend on the ability to capture and process information from a large number of documents that arrive in different formats (paper, email attachments, TIF, office documents, PDFs, etc.) and from different sources (emails, physical mail, internally generated files, downloaded files, etc.). Processing all this information is time consuming, expensive, error prone and typically a manual process (depending on the operational work of people). For these situations, Artificial Intelligence data capture solutions such as DocuClass AI Capture provide enormous capabilities for automating processes at low cost and without the risk of human error. For example, signed contracts that reach business advisors via email can be electronically routed to a central repository to be automatically recognized, classified and needed information extracted.

DocuClass Dashboards

DocuClass Dashboard allows you to generate tabular and  graphical reports, and obtain overall visibility of the organizations’ key process indicators and all the relevant information needed for a better decision making process. DocuClass Dashboards provides real time metrics using data contained in DocuClass as well as external systems.

  • Does not require programming: Fully configurable. Any user can generate reports.
  • Real time reporting: Reports can be generated within minutes with real time data.
  • Multiple Systems data input: It not only uses DocuClass data but also data from other systems.
  • Wide range of report types: It generates tabular as well as graphical reports (linear, bar chart, pie and more).
  • Better decision making: It generates relevant data for better business decision making
  • Scalable to Enterprise level: It can be used by all areas within the organization.

Advanced Dashboard for Payables

Lack of end -to-end insight over the overall AP process’ key performance indicators, leads to a wide range of problems such as mismanaged cashflows, missed suppliers discounts, late payment fees and overall poor vendor relationships. Welcome to

With DocuClass Dashboard for Payables, financial managers can analyze and improve operational efficiencies, make better financial decisions and optimize their cashflow management. DocuClass Dashboard provides real time graphical and tabular metrics such as average time per invoice processes, Total Accounts Payable Aging, invoices approval status, average AP aging and more.

Key Benefits

  • Enables tight Cashflow management control.
  • Improves vendor relationships from an AP perspective.
  • Enables projections for cashflow planning.
  • Generates efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Allows for better strategic planning.
  • Eliminates hidden and unnecessary costs.

Revamped Web Ticket System!

We are pleased to announce our re-vamped Web Ticket System, which will allow your organization to submit support request directly to our IT support staff, track the progress of the issue resolution status, keep an archive of your support history and access FAQ of previous support request.

Submit your request at Feel free to use your current credentials, login as a guest user, or request username and password from to access the system.

Other support request options: email to or call us at the dedicated support toll-free number at 855.500.0063.

DocuClass AI Capture: extract your data with Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to announce DocuClass AI Capture, a new data recognition component that utilizes artificial intelligence to virtually eliminate all manual data entry by automatically the capture of data from any volume and type of image document. Once recognized, the data and /or documents can be sent to any core application and back office system for further processing.

DocuClass AI Capture, uses machine learning, contextual semantics and analytic tools to reach recognition levels that were not possible before with traditional OCR based systems. Furthermore, DocuClass AI Capture does not require templates, which are time consuming and expensive to create, for each type of document.

How does it work?

Applying DocuClass AI Capture

This solution based on Artificial Intelligence can be applied to any process. For example, the accounts payable process is one that can benefit greatly from our advanced technology.

BIC Violex

Bic Violex



Due to the high volume of orders and shipments, BIC needed a better solution to optimize and automate not only the distribution process, but also to expedite the exchange of information with third parties, such as Forwarders, 3PL, Agents, Customers and internal Sales, Service customer, accounts receivable, credit control, warehouse, etc.

Our Solution

BIC chose the DocuClass software platform by CIMA Software after evaluating the integrity of the functions offered, its ease of use and its flexibility to expand and adapt to our constantly changing needs.

To solve this problem, they implemented DocuClass software, which allowed them to efficiently manage an increase in their orders, while reducing the response time to customer requests and improving their support level experience.


Bic Violex

AP Automation: ROI and Benefits

Accounts Payables Automation : ROI and Benefits

Accounts Payables departments primary goals is to support their organizations by controlling and managing the processing of vendor invoices transactions while collecting and delivering accurate financial information to the right recipient/system at the right time.

However, Accounts Payables departments face several challenges in their efforts to meet this goal. AP processes are traditionally paper intensive, time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, AP departments are faced with an ever-increasing volume and variety of information (incl. paper documents, spreadsheets, print-streams, e-mails, faxes, and electronic documents)

AP Operational Challenges

• Time consuming and inefficient Invoice registration process.
• Difficulty accessing all information related to a specific transaction.
• Cumbersome three-way match process.
• Late payments to suppliers.
• Invoices get lost in the loop.
• Lost discounts for prompt payments.
• Poor record handling for audit trains and potential litigation.
• High rate of duplicate payments.

AP Managerial Challenges

• Limited process visibility and transparency
• Incorrect information and lack of defined, audited A/P processes can lead to unnecessary and hidden costs, fraud, late payments, process errors, and double payments.
• Lack of Real-time Metrics
• Management finds it difficult to leverage real-time metrics to better understand outstanding liabilities and improve cash flow planning.

What are the main reasons companies are investing in AP automation.

According to a recent AIIM study, the biggest benefit reported by AP users is better monitoring of invoice status and therefore improved process transparency. This also ties in with fewer invoices being lost in the loop, presenting a more professional and efficient face to suppliers, who otherwise find it frustrating to chase payments where the customer has no real idea where in the payment process a stalled invoice might be.

The following chart ranks the key factors that drive companies to invest in AP automation

AP Automation ROI

Even though AP Invoice processing is not a direct revenue generation activity, companies that invest in AP automation are benefiting from tangible operational cost savings and even unrealized revenue, such as the one provided by better credit terms and discounts from prompt payment.

According to the Aberdeen Group, a streamlined, well automated Accounts payable operation will process an invoice, on average, in about one-sixth the time, at about one-twelfth the cost, of manually operated Accounts Payable operations.

Furthermore, organizations that automate A/P processes can shave more than 80% of the cost of processing and can decrease processing time from 17 days to less than 5.

According to IOMA’s AP Department Benchmark & Analysis, the average cost to process one paper invoice is $12 in average. This cost goes down to around $6 after deploying a medium level of AP automation. Cost goes down another 20% after a deploying a high level of AP automation

5 Reasons to Get Serious About the Last Mile Problem (AIIM article)

DocuClass eLogistics targets a common logistics problem, called the “Last Mile” problem, as explained in the AIIM article “5 Reasons to Get Serious About the “Last Mile” Problem”.

“For many organizations, the “last mile” of the Distribution process – whether products are delivered to another business or to an end consumer – is a key and often overlooked process moment of truth. And Proof of Delivery (PoD) documents are a key factor in manual last mile inefficiences”. (AIIM)

  • Cost Reduction.
  • The Impact of “Last Mile” Automation on “Upstream” Processes.
  • Revenue Generation.
  • There is a technology revolution underway through the distribution value chain, but especially in the “last mile.”
  • Tackling “last mile” paper documentation can be a springboard to broader Digital Transformation efforts.






DHL Ecuador presented problems in its Accounts Payable process, among them were the following:

  • Lack of inclusion of the necessary data for the processing of invoices.
  • Lack of a clear process to make payment to suppliers.
  • Loss of documentation.
    Missing invoice tracking, which did not reach their destination.

Our Solution

After using the DocuClass Payables solution, DHL Ecuador, managed to obtain the following benefits:

  • No more lost bills.
    Elimination of physical movements.
  • Greater control of accounts payable.
  • Greater visibility for the requisitor / approver.
  • Timely payments to suppliers.
  • Process cycle reduction.
  • Paper reduction (No more printed PODs).
  • Fewer opportunities for error (Data from
    accounting are not written by hand).