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DocuClass AI Capture

In a digital world, optimize the extraction of your documents with Artificial Intelligence.
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Why use
DocuClass AI Capture?

elimina ingreso manual

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Ahorra Tiempo de Procesamiento y Costos​

Save Processing Cost and Time

Elimina Potenciales Errores Humanos

Eliminate Potential Human Errors

Facilita Mejores Métricas y Análisis de Datos

Enable Better Metrics and Data Analysis

Provides Automated Business Process Intelligence

How does DocuClass AI Capture work?

01. Import or Scan All Documents

  • Import digital documents.
  • Scan physical documents.
  • Automate the capture process.

02. Extract and Read Data From Your Documents

Automatic extraction of all data from the document.

03. Validate Recognized Information

Validation of extracted data.

04. Export Information to Other Systems

  • Export data to a document manager.
  • Export data to generate reports and statistics.

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