Digitally Optimize and Decentralize Your Business Workflows

Controlling and accessing information is fundamental but not sufficient to ensure the integrity of key business processes. Incoming information is not static, it has a life cycle and a specific role in various organizational processes.

That being said, companies must be able to manage all their documents and transactional processes digitally regardless of where users are located and without relying on manual tasks that were traditionally carried out in physical offices.

The information system should be able to execute scheduled actions, monitor due dates, generate automatic alerts and notifications, distribute the workload, route documents through a pre-established flowchart, manage exceptions, and much more.

Processes can be initiated in a decentralized manner based on standardized business rules, while maintaining automated protocols of control and traceability. For example, a department manager can request approval to purchase a certain product directly from his office, home or hotel by filling out an intelligent web form, which ensures the tracking of procurement policies and initiates an approval workflow within the organization.

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