Implement Digital Signature for Your Documents

Although document processes can be digitized, automated and managed remotely, companies that still rely on physical documents for legal approvals, signatures and authorizations will not be able to ensure the continuity of their operations in a completely digital and remote world. These companies will have to further rely on the physical handling and distribution of documents to the persons responsible for the necessary signatures and authorizations.

To address this issue, we recommend to use an information management system that provides the ability to legally sign PDF and XML documents using biometric signatures, remote signatures, or digital certificates. These functionalities will allow authorized internal and external users to sign their legal PDF/XML documents directly within the system interface or using a mobile device.

This eliminates the reliance on paper for physical signatures. Documents such as contracts, invoices, purchase orders (POs), requisitions and other documents can be digitally initialed following all relevant business rules and policies. For example, the legal of a company can request, create, review, and approve contracts involving both internal and external users (such as suppliers, partners, third parties). 

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