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DocuClass AI Capture for Payables

Enhance Invoice Data Capture with AI
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Why use
DocuClass AI Capture for Payables?

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Reduce Human Error

Optimize Control and Validation

Reduce Cost and Processing Times

Overcome OCR Errors

Facilitates Metrics

Integrate with Any Core Application

How Does DocuClass AI Capture for Payables work?

01. Invoice Capture

  • All types of invoices (electronic and physical).
  • From any source
  • Centralized or decentralized capture.
  • Process automation

02. Data Collection

  • Utilizes AI Technology.
  • Eliminates human error.
  • Reduces processing and set up time.
  • Automates all line items capture.
  • Eliminates manual data entry.

03. Data Validation

  • Recognized invoiced data is validated against other data sources.

04. Invoices & Data is sent to DM system

  • Images and Data can be sent to any Document Management System (DM).

05. Data is shared with ERP/LOB

  • Extracted data can be sent to any ERP for further processing.

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