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Digitization Service

Not all scanning services are the same.

Why use a
Scanning Service?

Improves Document Organization

Offers Information Security

Allows Instant Access to Documents

Facilitates Document Control

Allows Version Management

Eliminates Paper

How does our Scanning Service work?

01. Document Verification

Verify content and status of the documents.

02. Document Preparation

Remove staples, folds, separate documents, etc.

03. Digitization

Conversion of physical documents to a digital format (TIF, PDF, JPEG, etc).

04. Indexing

Extraction of data from documents using artificial intelligence, OCR, ICR, barcode reading, other methods and/or manually.

05. Quality Control

Allows verification and visibility into the document images and indexed data.

06. Delivery

Delivery of images and data to the client in the required medium and/or in the DocuClass document manager (on premise or cloud).

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