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DocuClass eContracts

eContracts is a solution designed to help organizations optimize the creation, review, approval and management of their contract processing.

Why use
DocuClass eContracts?

Optimize Contract Management

Instant Access to Contracts

Streamline Contract Approval

Control of Deadlines and Maturities

Compliance with Rules and Regulations

Visibility and Traceability

How does DocuClass eContracts work?

01. Submit contract request

A user or department can request the issuing of a contract document for a particular project or purpose.

02. Contract Request Evaluation

Request is evaluated prior to approval.

03. Contract Creation

Allows the creation, modification and / or renewal of the contract with all corresponding versions and with all related documentation.

04. Contract approval process

Contract documents are processed through an approval workflow. This may imply multiple revisions and modifications between all involved parties.

05. Approval and Signature

Apply digital signatures to approve contracts.

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