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DocuClass eLoan

Optimize and Automate Credit Approval and Increase Profitability
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Why use
DocuClass eLoan?

Great Document Control

Productivity and Workload Tracking

Loan Status Retrieval

More Tasks in Less Time

Cash Flow Control

Reduced Operational Cost

How does DocuClass eLoan work?

01. Credit Request Management

Centralize all loan information.

02. Document Capture

Capture all application and related documents.

03. Data Registration

Register all applicant data for credit pre-qualification.

04. Document Control

Verify all required documents necessary for credit processing.

05. Data Validation

Automatically validate all collected data with internal systems as well as external risk management entities.

06. Approval Process Management

Workflow and approvals based on business rules and regulations.

07. Metrics and KPI Generation

Detailed reports that allow to obtain important information in order to continually improve the process.

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