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DocuClass eLogistics PoD

Optimize The Proof Of Delivery Process
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Why use
DocuClass eLogistics (PoD)?

Cashflow Control

Streamlining Invoicing Process

Provide Transparency and Reliability in Order Dispatch

Improved Client Service

Efficient Exception Management

Access to Delivery Information

How does
DocuClass eLogistics (PoD) works?

01. Delivery Information

  • DocuClass eLogistics PoD receives the report and packing slip from the ERP.

  • Optionally, DocuClass eLogistics can send the delivery list directly to the driver’s mobile devices or the delivery orders to 3PL & Forwarders, based on their specific delivery route.

  • DocuClass eLogistics can monitor geolocation information to track deliveries in real time.

02. Initiate The Delivery Process

  • The drivers transport the delivery goods together with the physical packing slip or the mobile application.

  • If the company uses physical packing slips, DocuClass can print corresponding barcodes on the packing slips to facilitate later upload.

  • If they are electronic, all information is saved by the mobile application.

03. Delivery Status Report

  • DocuClass eLogistics receives the delivery information for each delivery, either from each driver or the transport company.

  • DocuClass eLogistics updates the customer portal to provide timely information about the delivery status of each customer’s orders.

04. Delivery Confirmation Report

  • The customer receives the delivery information.

  • If it is a physical packing slip, DocuClass eLogistics recognizes each document by reading the barcode and creates the link between the packing slip and the order information.

  • In case the company is using the mobile application, the customer has access to the delivery confirmation in real time through the customer portal.

05. Managing the “Proof of Delivery”

  • The customer electronically signs the packing slip in the mobile application and can add any additional delivery comments.

  • In both cases, you can take pictures of the physical packing slip and / or the delivered good (e.g. if there is any damage or problem with the delivery).

06. Update delivery information

  • DocuClass eLogistics can automatically update the delivery status of each order as well as send updates to the ERP system for timely billing and / or attention to any problems with the delivery.

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