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DocuClass eLogistics Fleet Management

Streamline the Delivery Process with eLogistics Fleet Mgmt

Why use
DocuClass eLogistics Fleet Management?

Reduced Operating Cost for Shipping and Delivery

SLA Compliance

Overview of the Entire Delivery Process

Efficient Fleet Management

Improved Customer Service

Differentiation and Increased Market Competitiveness

How does DocuClass eLogistics
Fleet Management work?

01. Route Registration

Register all scheduled routes and individual driver movements, specifiying specific details such as number of completed deliveries, route duration, etc.

02. Geolocation and Delivery Registration

Geolocation and registration of each delivery by driver and date, including information such as:

Consignee, PoD documentation, delivery status, customer name, etc.

03. Detailed Route Data

Graphical and tabular overview, with geolocation, of all routes by driver, route, date, vehicle, etc.

04. Productivity Management

Daily productivity record by driver, including data like:

Number of completed deliveries, number of canceled deliveries, number of lost deliveries, route duration, number of PoDs and digital signatures, etc.

05. Mobile Communication

Record of each SMS communication with information such as sender/ recipient, message delivery status, message date and time, message content, etc.

06. Metrics and Indicators

Detailed reports that allow to constantly improve the delivery process.

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