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DocuClass Health Care

Manage Patient and Staff Information Quickly and Safely

Why use
DocuClass Health Care?

Improve Patient Experience

Instant Access to Information

Transform Manual Processes to Digital

Minimize the Environmental Impact

Reduce Costs and Time

Improve Customer Service

How does DocuClass Health Care work?

01. Expense Management

Streamline the purchasing processes including budget control, reduction of unnecessary expenses, improved financial planning.

02. HR Management

Manages the integrity of employee records, provides secure access to information, eliminates manual tasks and allows compliance with rules and regulations,

03. Contract Management

Manage the process of request, review, and approval of contracts.

04. Correspondence

Provides comprehensive control of all external and internal documentation that is received and sent.

05. Clinical Histories

Simplify the process of requesting medical records, accelerate the payment for services, audit the application process, improve the relationship with the patient.

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