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DocuClass Human Resources

Expand and automate your human resources processes with DocuClass HR

Why use
DocuClass Human Resources?

Compliance Management

Elimination of Manual Administrative Tasks

Loss Prevention of Important Information

Instant Secure Access to all HR Files

Efficient and Digital Management of HR Processes

Real-time Reports and Metrics

How does DocuClass Human Resources work?

01. Receive and Centralize all HR Documentation

  • Documents can be scanned, and uploaded to the system from anywhere.

  • Automated process configuration.

  • Organize documents for easy access and management.

02. Control and Manage all Documents in HR

  • Verify that files are complete.

  • Provide advanced security.

  • Ensure integrity and confidentiality of information.

03. Provide Total Visibility

Information is instantly accessible, anytime, anywhere.

04. Manage the Validity of Documents

Automatic control of deadlines and dates by type of document and/or process.

05. Optimize HR Processes

  • Such as recruitment, on-boarding, staff evaluation, disengagement, etc.

  • Control actions according to rules and conditions.

  • Allow approval and audited review of dossiers.

  • Generate alerts and notifications.

06. Generates Metrics

  • Tabular and graphical reports.

  • Real-time metrics.

  • Key information for decision making.

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