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DocuClass Manufacturing

Optimize and Automate Changing Manufacturing Processes, Allowing Compliance with Increasingly Complex or Geographical Regulations

Why use
DocuClass Manufacturing?

Increase Productivity

Streamline Operations

Comply with Regulations

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase Document Security and Control

How does DocuClass Manufacturing work?

01. Accounts Payables

Allows Accounts Payable to capture, access and manage all documents related to a purchase order electronically, matching invoices with POs and routing PO requests and supplier invoices through the approval process.

02. Accounts Receivable

Reduce pending sales by shortening collection, compensation and processing cycles; tracking partial payment review through the workflow.

03. Product Development and Engineering

  • Allow engineers to start, track, monitor and route processes from one stage to another automatically, while project status information is recorded for instant access.
  • Provide version control to track changes and review historical data.

04. Manufacturing

  • Improve coordination with the order or specification process, preventing manufacturing specifications, notes or verbal instructions from being lost, misplaced or misunderstood.
  • Reduce manufacturing errors by keeping all specifications together, providing coordination with order entry, shipment and receipt.

05. Shipping Receipt

Automate all documentation related to shipping, eliminate manual handling of paperwork.

06. Human Resources

Streamline the hiring processes by automatically capturing and routing applicant information.

07. Customer Service

Improve the service by providing a faster response to inquiries from customers and suppliers, providing easier access to customer information, documents for order processing and resolution handling.

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