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DocuClass Purchase Management

Optimize your expense management process with DocuClass Purchase Management.

Why use
DocuClass Purchase Management?

Facilitate Centralized Control and Validation

Improve Financial Planning

Budget Control Improvement

Provide Information in Real Time

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Facilitate Cost Center Control

How does DocuClass Purchase Management work?

01. Enter Requirements

Users can issue requirements simply and intuitively from any platform.

02. Verify Budget

The system allows validating all requirements against the existing budget in real time, in order to avoid financial discrepancies.

03. Validate the requirements

It allows eliminating unnecessary expenses, standardizing the process and ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

This phase includes communication and negotiation with the selected suppliers.

04. Manage Approval Flow

The purchase order goes through the different levels of approval according to predefined business rules.

05. Approve Purchase Order

Approve and Issue Purchase Order.

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