DocuClass Updates 2021-1

This new year comes with news from DocuClass. We have been working on making many improvements to our solution to continue supporting you in your daily work. We’ve made DocuClass even more secure, and integrated new features and components that will empower your organization.

Stay tuned, because during the year we will be launching many more new features.


• Page Header Security (general attack prevention, CORS).
• Parameter validation and token security in GET and POST submission (prevent XSS attacks and SQL injection).
• Login with internal token and encryption (higher security with SHA512).
• Google CAPTCHA (increased security, available if required).
Migration to PHP 7.4 (which offers greater security and speed in code execution).
• HTTPS (increased security for all cloud customers and users)
• TLS 1.2 for IIS.


• Document upload preview.
• Merge & Split function allows for page extraction from a document to create a new document (also permits changing the document type of document)
Optimized and faster loading in the document overview window
New document viewer supports over 100 document formats, annotations and version management options (at no extra cost available to DocuClass cloud customers only).
• Improvements in the document audit view (local date and time are shown based on the general configuration).
• Improvements in the date format view for the system fields (local date and time are shown according to the general configuration).
• AES256 Encryption used for Keywords.
• AES256 Encryption used for documents.
• Allows to hide not needed icons in the web interface.
• Look Up and conditional autofill: allows to auto-index fields with values from conditional fields (they are only filled out once previous fields have been auto-indexed by previous look-ups).
• Selective PDF Page Extractor: allows to select specific pages of a PDF and save them as a new document while retaining or deleting the pages in the original document.


• Dashboards – Allows to quickly customize tabular and graphical reports with data contained in DocuClass or external sources.
• Vendor Portal – Allows vendors to upload their invoices and quotes as well as get access to the payment status of their invoices.
• WEB Configurator – Allows to carry out basic DocuClass configurations (such as document structure, user management, keywords, etc) through the web interface.


• OCR Full text search.
• OCR zonal Keyword fill.
• Editing of MS Office documents.
• Remote, biometrical digital signature and signature with digital certificate.
• New DocuClass WEB version featuring a complete redesign of the DocuClass interface, designed to improve the user experience and save time to accomplish tasks more efficiently.
• Improvements to the standard version of DocuClass Web.
• Agent Upgrade as Windows Services.
• New WEB form component (electronic WEB forms).
• DocuClass Mobile (Android & iOS).

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