Use Intelligent Web Forms with Document Integration

If we look at the information and processes we handle on a daily basis, not all processes are initiated and managed based on documents. Many of them are transactional. In other words, they are initiated and completed at a record level, with the documents merely fulfilling a supportive role. For example, a credit application process starts with completing and issuing a credit application form; a purchase requisition starts with a request through a purchase template from any user to their corresponding department manager, etc. For all these scenarios, we recommend using flexible web forms that have a direct integration with the document management and other internal systems deployed by the organization.


In the case of a purchase requisition, a user will be able to complete the requisition form electronically from anywhere on any device. Simultaneously, the form will proceed to validate standardized criteria, such a verification of budget availability, inventory status, etc, before starting the approval process of the purchased requisition, which will eventually require documentary support such as quotations, technical specifications and finally a purchase order.

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