DHL Ecuador presented problems in its Accounts Payable process, among them were the following:

  • Lack of inclusion of the necessary data for the processing of invoices.
  • Lack of a clear process to make payment to suppliers.
  • Loss of documentation.
    Missing invoice tracking, which did not reach their destination.

Our Solution

After using the DocuClass Payables solution, DHL Ecuador, managed to obtain the following benefits:

  • No more lost bills.
    Elimination of physical movements.
  • Greater control of accounts payable.
  • Greater visibility for the requisitor / approver.
  • Timely payments to suppliers.
  • Process cycle reduction.
  • Paper reduction (No more printed PODs).
  • Fewer opportunities for error (Data from
    accounting are not written by hand).







Kellogg’s identified in its accounts payable processes a series of critical points that required urgent attention:

• Confidentiality: documents lost in the process.

• Printing expenses: more than 100,000 copies per year (Vendor invoices and purchase orders).

• Tax consequences: by having to make corrections of tax returns associated with uncounted invoices.

• Discontent in suppliers: late payments.

• High manual processing.

• Excess administrative work (20,000 hours / man per year).

Nuestra Solución

After using DocuClass Payables, the efficiency and effectiveness in the Accounts Payable process was significantly increased:

• Elimination of legal risks (No more loss of documents and greater security).

• Savings of more than US $ 50,000 per year in printing documents.

• Elimination of tax risks and improvement of the tax and tax process.

• Increase in supplier satisfaction by eliminating payment delays.

• Savings for more than 20,000 man hours per year in the handling and physical manipulation of documents.

• High return on investment with impressive cost-benefit ratio

• Availability of audit and notification mechanisms to instantly identify any deviation from the processes and take corrective measures.

• Opportunity to expand profits to other areas of the company.

As expressed by the members of the implementation team “we achieved the benefits that we had raised in the evaluation of the product. The results were concrete and we achieved what we had proposed thanks to DocuClass”.