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The company makes thousands of distributions daily, attending a series of distribution channels such as supermarkets, central stores, small retail stores, HO.RE.CA. Locations, e-Shop recipients, stores and commercial organizations.

It was necessary that they adopt a software system that would allow, in a quick and simple way, to organize the distribution processes in the most efficient way possible. While sharing information about the status of each shipment with all participants, in real time.

Our Solution

Through the use of DocuClass eLogistics now Delatolas is able to provide its customers with real-time information regarding their shipments, in all major urban centers, where shipments are made using their own fleet, as well as in areas where their associates They have direct access to their systems.

In addition, your recipients now have access to our “Real Time” Portal, through which they have a direct view of all order details. Information about each delivery, together with the digitalized signed copy, is available on our Portal; and can also be automatically sent to the recipient’s system.

Additionally, a “Booking and Contracting” service can be provided, through which customers of their recipients can decide at the time of ordering, the desired date and time they wish to receive their product.