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LAAR Courier Express. It issues documentation that supports each transaction made, generating a large volume of documents that must be stored in leased warehouses to meet Ecuador’s tax requirements.

The original process involved digitizing each document in order to store them digitally organized for months, days and geographical location in a completely manual process. Then the paper copies were sent to the Customer Service department who filed them. Once this process was completed, these boxes were delivered weekly to the provider in charge of guarding them.

There was no control to validate the existence of all guides dispatched in electronic format. This not only made it difficult to track documentation, but mainly caused customer dissatisfaction for delays when requesting information about a transaction, which meant for LAAR Courier Express S.A. considerable time to retrieve the required documentation.

Our Solution

LAAR Courier Express. He used the DocuClass solution that initially aimed to replace the previous software and store the documentation in electronic format, in a centralized, secure repository, accessible from any point of the company at all times.

This first stage was implemented in less than a week, leaving the system as well as the scanning stations and training the users of the capture process.

Once the implementation stage is completed and, convinced of the benefits that could be obtained with the solution, LAAR Courier Express S.A. decided to start a second phase, which consisted of the integration between DocuClass and the accounting system developed in-house.

Currently, LAAR Courier Express. It has a documentary process that has allowed the company, in the first instance, to establish control points that allow them to ensure the quality of the information stored in their accounting system by cross-checking with the documents scanned in DocuClass, and on the other hand Increase customer satisfaction with an agile consultation mechanism.


LAAR Courier Express